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Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Scholarship

The Overseas Ambassador Scholarship was formerly known as the Blogging Scholarship. Diversity Abroad, in cooperation with the AIFS Foundation, will offer $500 scholarships for fall and spring semesters as well as summer term. Five scholarships are available for each semester and two scholarships are available for summer. Students going abroad for the full fall, spring or summer terms are eligible to apply. Economically disadvantaged students, first-generation, students with disabilities and ethnic and racially diverse students are strongly encouraged to apply. Click "request information" above, or visit for application details and additional information.

Applications are due June 1st for Summer & Fall programs and November 1st for Spring programs.

- New for Fall 2020 -

Deadline Extension: Applications due August 3, 2020

Programs Eligible: Domestic and global engagement programs are now eligible for a $250 award. Examples of these types of programs include:

  • A virtual internship or study abroad program
  • Volunteering for an organization that works with international populations in your community
  • A domestic internship with an international NGO
  • A research project focused on a global issue, international education, or diversity & inclusion

You do not need to be receiving academic credit to qualify for this award. You will be asked to provide a letter from the organization verifying your fall 2020 participation.

Recommendation: The recommendation requirement is waived for Fall 2020. You do not need to complete the recommendation request section of the application to be eligible for the award. 

Academic Status:

Community College


Diversity Criteria:


Asian/Pacific Islander


First Generation





Native American

For Travel in:

All countries



  • All countries

Application Procedure:

The Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Scholarship opens each September for the Spring term scholarships and in February for Fall/Summer terms. To apply, click the "Apply Now" on the top-right of this page.

Summer & Fall Deadline: June 1 *Deadline extended to August 3rd for Fall 2020 programs

Spring Deadline: November 1

Questions? Email us at