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DIS Copenhagen - Furniture Design

Furniture Design 
Scandinavian furniture has a deep history of considering people, culture, and society in the design process. The course explores these relationships and develops your individual design capabilities through studio assignments, lectures, field studies, and workshop activities. 

  • Study the Danish furniture tradition, as well as the contemporary New Nordic evolution, and engage with Danish design 
  • Develop your design abilities through project-based design assignments in studio where you will utilize the DIS workshop to produce your own furniture prototypes 
  • Go on a faculty-led study tour to Sweden and Finland and witness first-hand the Scandinavian design culture and history from the 20th and 21st centuries 

This program is right for you if you are from a professional school or department of architecture or design. You should be ready to invest time outside of studio hours developing projects. 


Furniture Design Studio 
Fall/Spring, 6 Credits 
This intense studio trains you in the design process of furniture prototypes. You will work with conceptual development and production of working drawings, and build prototypes of furniture in part or full. 
Week-Long Study Tour: Finland-Sweden 
Core Course Week: Study tour to Western Denmark + a two-day seminar in Copenhagen 
Prerequisites: Enrollment at a professional school of architecture or design at the junior or senior level. Prior experience with stationary power tools and hand tools is required. 

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  • Furniture Design

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DIS Copenhagen - Urban Studies

Discover how the city has become the focal point for cultural expression, social change, and political tension. Often symbolizing freedom and upward mobility, the city promises a better life while also creating challenges and fears. 

  • Use Copenhagen as your classroom on field studies that explore its dramatic urban change from the development of a welfare state to a cutting-edge, sustainable, resilient, and livable city 
  • Travel with your faculty and classmates on course-integrated study tours to compare how cities develop their infrastructure in Eastern and Western Europe
  • Engage in a dynamic dialogue with a variety of guest lecturers including local historians, sociologists, and urban planners

This program is right for you if you study urban design, urban studies, politics, or sociology and wish to examine contemporary cities through a multidisciplinary academic lens. 


Fall/Spring, 3 Credits 
Cities are both creative and destructive friction machines, full of contradictory tensions, goals, and visions about what constitutes the good life. This course examines the driving forces of this friction within a European context, including social, economic, environmental, technical, cultural, historical, and spatial influences. 
Week-Long Study Tour: Budapest-Vienna 
Core Course Week: Study tour to Northern Germany + a two-day seminar in Copenhagen 

DIS - Study Abroad

Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden

DIS Stockholm - Neuroscience

As humans, emotions are intrinsic to our socialization, and influence our cognition and behavior. Study and research the underlying neural networks linked to the experience, understanding, and expression of emotions.

  • Through classwork and the associated research lab, expand your understanding of the functioning of the brain and which mechanisms are relevant for the interaction of emotion, cognition, and behavior
  • Travel with DIS faculty on course-integrated study tours in Sweden and Paris to meet with leading neuroscience researchers and practitioners
  • Engage in real-world settings and gain exposure to cognitive and affective neuroscience by visiting labs, practitioners, and institutes in the Stockholm area

This program is right for you if you study neuroscience, psychology, or health science, and are considering a profession in the interdisciplinary field of neuroscience.


Fall/Spring, 3 Credits 
How do we understand the interplay of human emotions and their neural networks? This course applies findings from the interdisciplinary field of neuroscience and the psychological study of, cognition, emotion, and personality. Basic, complex, and social emotions are explored from the perspective of, e.g., the subjective experience of emotion, non-conscious processes, how emotions are interpreted, expressed or regulated. Affective systems, neural networks, and their relationship to cognitive processes such as attention, learning, memory, decision making are addressed. Where relevant, human brain imaging findings, pathological conditions, treatment and cultural perspectives are considered.
Week-Long Study Tour: Paris
Core Course Week: Study tour within Sweden + a two-day seminar in Stockholm
Prerequisite: One semester of neuroscience, physiological psychology, or biological psychology at university level.
Corequisite: Affective Neuroscience Research Lab 

DIS - Study Abroad

Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden

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