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With the world as its classroom and more than 50 years of experience, Semester at Sea integrates multiple-country study, interdisciplinary coursework, and hands-on field experience for meaningful engagement in the global community. Over a 100-day voyage on a shipboard campus, students select academic courses drawn from 20 – 25 fields of study that are integrated with relevant field classes in up to a dozen countries, allowing for an experiential, comparative education that is truly global. Voyagers will explore 10-12 destinations across 4 continents and travel 20,000- 25,000 Nautical Miles.

Diversity Statement

Semester at Sea (SAS) is committed to fostering a shipboard community inclusive of all identities. The foundation and primary focus of every SAS voyage is the diversity of people, perspectives, and places. A welcoming and inclusive shipboard culture will help facilitate a unified, compassionate community that is considerate of all people and perspectives, resulting in a collaborative and progressive experience for all throughout the voyage. To help cultivate this environment, Semester at Sea offers several scholarships including the & Semester at Sea Scholarship.
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