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LQBTQIA+ Students in Peru

Posted on October 14, 2020


LGBTQIA+ persons in Peru remain some of the most marginalized groups in the country and are frequent targets of abuse and discrimination. Conservative Catholic traditions lead many LGBTQIA+ individuals to remain “closeted” with family and in other public settings. In Peru, sexual labels vary with an individual’s behavior and self-definition. Peru is still a male-dominated or “machista'' society where traditionally-defined male roles are predominant and “effeminate” behavior among men is discouraged. LGBTQIA+ travelers will find that the LGBTQIA+ friendly scene has become quietly lively in the larger cities of Lima and Cusco; however, in smaller towns and rural areas options will be sparse or non-existent. There are anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBTQIA+ individuals but reports of discrimination and harassment are common. Civil unions or gay marriage have not yet been legalized in Peru despite the growing advocacy movement in the country.

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