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Why Intern Abroad?

Posted on May 08, 2019


Is an internship abroad for you? There are a few factors that should play a part when deciding to participate in an internship in another country. Your decision may be influenced by study abroad course loads, flexibility, your academic and professional goals or visa eligibility. Is your global program designed around an internship experience? Or will the internship be external to your program?

The common takeaway from participating in an internship abroad is gaining insight and experience of a particular industry from the social, cultural and political contexts of your host country. Additionally, you walk away with cross-cultural communication experience in a professional setting. If you are studying a language, participating in an internship can develop your proficiency while also learning technical terms specific to your field of interest.

Many employers desire a global experience on an applicant’s resume; by interning abroad, you are not only show employers that you can adapt to new environments, but also that you can navigate professionally in a workplace in a country and culture that may be different from your own.

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