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  • DIS Stockholm - Gender & Sexuality Studies : Stockholm
    Find out what it is like to live in a country known for its progressive norms and policies, and study the challenges and ideas within gender, equality, and sexuality in Sweden.Sweden is the world’s m… Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Terrorism & Security : Stockholm
    How are security threats defined and responded to in a changing Europe?Explore the complexity of European security dilemmas in light of the movement of people and increased tensions among nations. … Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Justice & Human Rights : Copenhagen
    Human rights continue to be one of the most debated topics of our time, and what better opportunity to question and analyze legal approaches through a cross-cultural lens than when you study abroad.T… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Art & Visual Culture : Copenhagen
    Experience the groundbreaking cultural and artistic movements shaping Europe and the world today.From great auteurs in filmmaking to thought-provoking experiments on the contemporary art scene, take … Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Economics : Stockholm
    Facing increased tensions in trade and inequality, how do we promote an open, well-governed playing field leveraging interconnectedness for the benefit of all?Sweden punches way above its weight in s… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Sustainability : Copenhagen
    Sustainable development is one of the most important and hotly debated topics of the 21st century. In Denmark and Europe, strategizing sustainability initiatives is a priority, from energy consumptio… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Communication : Copenhagen
    Trust, authenticity, connection, engagement, cross-cultural perspectives – all concepts the field of communications grapples with across roles and organizations today. These are notions that you as a… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Neuroscience : Copenhagen
    Neuroscience is one of the most exciting and fastest growing scientific fields. It spans studies of dysfunctional brain circuits, neurobiological perspectives on creativity, and asks: What is conscio… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Graphic Design : Copenhagen
    Graphic design is a powerful tool for the expression of ideas, concepts, and information. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Scandinavian and European approach and explore methodologies tha… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Sociology : Copenhagen
    Globalization has dissolved old hierarchies and brought cultures closer together; however, this newfound cultural proximity has also created challenges of integration and migration facing Denmark and… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Holocaust & Genocide : Copenhagen
    Mass killings have occurred at all times in history. The 20th century, however, stands out in intensity, frequency, and the means applied to kill great numbers of innocent people.Investigate the caus… Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Vikings & Power : Stockholm
    The Viking Age, for better and for worse, influenced world history, and Viking culture still resonates in contemporary Sweden and beyond.Walk in the Vikings’ historical footsteps, from Sweden to Icel… Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Engineering : Stockholm
    We face significant challenges as a species: from engineering better medicines and designing life-saving medical devices to addressing our collective need for clean water, green energy, and healthy, … Study Abroad
  • Semester at Sea Study Abroad - Malaysia : George Town
    Semester at Sea highlightsExplore up to 12 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa on a 100-day voyageLive and learn on a ship - a floating university!You have an opportunity for… Study Abroad
  • Semester at Sea Study Abroad - Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City
    Semester at Sea highlightsExplore up to 12 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa on a 100-day voyageLive and learn on a ship - a floating university!You have an opportunity for… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - January in Rome : Rome
    Celebrate the start of the new year in the Mediterranean sun! With temperatures during the day a mild 54 degrees, you'll comfortably make your way around Rome to explore markets, monuments, and museu… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - Life Science Career Accelerator Plus : London
    Elevate your potential and build a professional community as you address the world's wicked problems in this program that has it all: relevant and interesting classes, optional internship or directed… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - Reimagining Europe : Prague
    Examine a Europe in transition to understand the future of business, computer science, technology, media, and fine arts in Europe and in the world. Diversify your resume with an internship in a local… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - Summer in Rome : Rome
    You’ll quickly make the romantic Italian capital of Rome your own as you explore its world-famous culinary delights, inspiring museums and ruins, and the Mediterranean lifestyle. Summer classes are c… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - Summer in India : Pune
    Study the largest democracy in the world as you live and learn in Pune, a thriving city where you’ll find the combination of the spiritual and entrepreneurial fascinating. With opportunities to study… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - Life Science Career Accelerator : London
    Combine your study abroad experience in London with your desire for a meaningful, purpose-driven career. Whether you are headed for a career in science, research, medicine, or the private sector, you… Study Abroad
  • International Summer School 2021 at London Metropolitan University : London
    Spend your summer in one of the most fascinating and stimulating cities in the world while earning academic credit for your degree programme. London Met's student diversity is what makes the Universi… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - Chilean Universities Program, Valparaíso : Valparaíso
    WHY STUDY IN VALPARAÍSO & VIÑA DEL MAR? Valparaíso, Chile’s second-largest city, enjoys an ideal location between the mountains and the sea. Known for its romantic elegance of cobbled streets and Vic… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - Design Thinking, Business, and Liberal Arts : Barcelona
    Find yourself in Barcelona! This charming Catalan city will inspire and empower you to live your best life. Whether your passion for design, business or politics, the city of Barcelona holds importan… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - Summer in Barcelona : Barcelona
    Spend your summer in Barcelona, the enchanting Mediterranean seaside city full of culture, architecture, endless food options, and a vibrant social scene that runs late into the evening. Build your c… Study Abroad