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Study Abroad Programs

  • API at Griffith University in Gold Coast : Gold Coast
    Griffith University was founded in 1971 with the goal of offering new degrees in progressive fields and integrating immersive teaching. It has since grown in to a large, comprehensive, and research-i… Study Abroad
  • Pécs Debate Academy
    The special Pécs Debate Academy 2017 uses a mixed methodology. Students learn about the hot topics of higher education in 21st century from international and local experts while they also gain an opp… Study Abroad
  • Midwifery BSc
    The Midwifery BSc Study Abroad program offered by the University of Pécs comes with courses in First aid, Anatomy, Nursing, Clinical knowledge, Genetics, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Surgery just to … Study Abroad
  • Study & Intern in Madrid : Madrid
    This program is geared toward students who would like to improve their beginning or intermediate Spanish language skills and take English-taught courses. Areas of study include business, finance, mar… Study Abroad
  • Physiotherapy BSc
    The aim of this program is to train nursing and health care experts who are able to take part with their full responsibility in prevention, treatment, nursing and rehabilitation at all levels of heal… Study Abroad
  • Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship MSc
    The objective of the programme is to develop your knowledge on the methods of screening, analysing, planning and executing the development process of an entrepreneurial venture. Beyond theoretical kn… Study Abroad
  • USAC Japan: Nagasaki (Semester/Yearlong) - Japanese Language, Society, and Culture : Nagasaki, Japan
    Nagasaki’s unique layers of history, vibrant culture, and arts provide a rich setting in which to live and study Japanese language and culture. It was the first place in Japan to have contact with th… Study Abroad
  • James Cook University
    If the natural environment is what attracts you to study abroad in Australia then you should consider James Cook University (JCU). The unique location of JCU allows for world-class studies in marine … Study Abroad
  • Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change
    Please visit our website for more information. Work directly with artists and social innovators to create an independent project in visual arts, creative writing, or performing arts practice or th… Study Abroad
  • Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges, and Advocacy
    On this program, human rights serves as an entry point to frame a broader inquiry into the nature of dehumanization, oppression, and life affirming movements for justice. You will examine how the rhe… Study Abroad
  • Study & Intern in Florence : Florence
    Learn or improve your Italian while strolling the streets of Michelangelo and Dante. Study art in world-famous museums and work side by side with locals as an intern. Explore contemporary and histori… Study Abroad
  • API at the Universidad del Pais Vasco in Bilbao : Bilbao
    Studio Arts for Intermediate/Advanced Spanish Speakers in Bilbao: Designed for art majors/minors who wish to study abroad in Bilbao, this program offers a dynamic opportunity to practice and particip… Study Abroad
  • Tanzania: Zanzibar-Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management
    This program utilizes Zanzibar’s unique ecological context to explore specific environmental topics, including coral reef conservation, tropical forest management, and resource management. Through th… Study Abroad
  • Ghana: Africa in the 21st Century
    Please visit our website for more information. Key Topics of StudyThe ways in which Africa is represented in mainstream discourseNew and emerging technologies in Ghana and how they are impacting Ghan… Study Abroad
  • South Africa: Education and Social Change
    This summer program examines the role of education in South Africa in the context of the country’s historical circumstances, contemporary public policy, and social and economic development. Students … Study Abroad
  • Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care - Fall Term 1
    This program will strengthen your ability to understand, interpret, and compare the socio-cultural, ecological, economic, political, and biological factors that affect human health. From North Americ… Study Abroad
  • New African Diasporas: Transnational Communities, Cultures, and Economies
    Embark on an innovative, comparative study abroad program that takes you from the US, to Senegal, to Italy, and to China, where you will experience the vibrancy and complexity of present-day African … Study Abroad
  • Switzerland: Food Security and Nutrition (Summer)
    Based in Geneva and Nyon, this program provides you with an understanding of global food security and nutrition challenges and their links to sustainable development, public health, and socio-politic… Study Abroad
  • Mongolia: Geopolitics and the Environment
    As a student on this program, you will look at the interplay between nomadic traditions, foreign engagement, economic development, and natural resource utilization in the context of Mongolia, a natio… Study Abroad
  • Jordan: Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action
    This program addresses the political, social, cultural, and economic factors behind the influx of refugees to Jordan, as well as the effects of this influx on host communities. Through field visits a… Study Abroad
  • BCA Barcelona, Spain
    WHY BCA BARCELONA• Refine your Spanish skills while also learning about Spanish culture and history during BCA’s pre-semester course. This three-week course ensures that you’re set to succeed in your… Study Abroad
  • Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation
    Study biological and ecological sciences applicable to conservation efforts, using key biological and ecological indicators such as plants, insects, birds, mammals, and other biological taxa. The pro… Study Abroad
  • Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights
    This program examines human rights, religion, politics, and cultural diversity in Morocco contextualized within the broader region and beyond. You will consider Morocco’s cultural, historical, and ec… Study Abroad
  • Morocco: Migration and Transnational Identity
    This program examines the factors driving internal and international migration in Morocco and elsewhere in North and sub-Saharan Africa. You will consider how human mobility is shaped by religion, se… Study Abroad
  • Chile: Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment
    Examine public health within the context of both official national healthcare policies and intercultural and alternative healing practices in urban and rural Chile. Over the course of the semester, y… Study Abroad