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Study Abroad Programs

  • CAPA Florence: Advanced Italian Track : Florence
    If you're an Italian language major or have a high level of competency in Italian, this program is for you! We've partnered up with the University of Florence’s Cultural Centre for Foreigners (CCF) t… Study Abroad
  • CAPA Dublin: Study & Intern Abroad : Dublin
    History and technology nestle side by side in Europe’s “Silicon Valley”. Dublin is energetic and charming, home to both a thriving youth culture and a mind-blowing past, especially when it comes to l… Study Abroad
  • CAPA London: Community Engagement Certificate : London
    Use your study abroad experience to do something meaningful. CAPA London offers a Community Engagement Certificate program which focuses on the key concepts of active citizenship, social entrepreneur… Study Abroad
  • CAPA London: Creative Arts Certificate : London
    From the famous West End to hidden Secret Cinema performances, the grand Royal Albert Hall to Camden’s hole-in-the-wall music venues, and some of the best galleries in the world that make up just a f… Study Abroad
  • CAPA London: Wrongful Conviction : London
    Did you know that more people are sent to jail each year in the United States than in any other country? Most of these are well-deserved convictions, but it’s also very likely that there’s someone si… Study Abroad
  • CAPA London: Study & Intern Abroad : London
    With more than 270 nationalities living in London and more than 300 languages spoken, it is a truly diverse, multicultural city where influences from across the globe are woven throughout almost ever… Study Abroad
  • CAPA Sydney: Resilient Cities and Sustainability : Sydney
    Sydney is an excellent study abroad location to learn about sustainability. You’ll explore contemporary issues such as climate change, air quality, water use, waste management, energy consumption, an… Study Abroad
  • CAPA Sydney: Sports Management Certificate : Sydney
    Sports are a big deal in Sydney. Australia has hosted the Olympics twice and has an impressive number of professional sport leagues like rugby, Australian rules football, basketball, baseball, cricke… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - January in Costa Rica : Heredia
    You'll bask in near 80-degree days as you explore Heredia, ecological sites, national parks, beautiful beaches, and nearby hiking trails. Your three-week Ecology and Sustainable Development class, pe… Study Abroad
  • IFSA - January in Barcelona : Barcelona
    Start the new year off with a bang in the charming Catalan city of Barcelona. With an abundance of picturesque sights and moderate weather, there will be no shortage of Insta opportunities. Your thre… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Urban Studies : Copenhagen
    Over the past decade, Copenhagen has consistently ranked on Monocle Magazine’s Top 10 Most Livable Cities and is leading the world in sustainable urban solutions. The city’s infrastructure is made fo… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Psychology : Copenhagen
    Study psychological theory, research, and practice, with an emphasis on their application in a Danish and European context.Enhance your Core Course with hands-on learning opportunities and gain inter… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Environmental Science of the Arctic : Copenhagen
    Gain the first-hand knowledge needed to debate one of the most controversial and critical global topics of our time.Explore climate change theory through the lens of scientific climate history in the… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Computer Science : Copenhagen
    With the ever-increasing speed of technological advancement in computer science, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Utilize your study abroad experience to gain unique access to new perspectiv… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Economics : Copenhagen
    As globalization reshapes the world, what is the impact on European economies and what roles do economists play in explaining, forecasting, and advising?Analyze and compare how companies, countries, … Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Medical Practice & Policy : Stockholm
    Do you wish to work in the medical field one day and want insight into what career opportunities await you, alongside intercultural knowledge of different practices and policies?Engage in a pre-medic… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Biomedicine : Copenhagen
    Copenhagen is part of the ‘Medicon Valley,’ a competitive life science cluster that attracts many successful companies to the region.The city is home to a dynamic environment rich in innovation, and … Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Public Health : Stockholm
    From Sweden to Switzerland, Europe has faced a dramatic rise in migration, with each country responding differently to the challenges and opportunities that this situation presents to the healthcare … Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Prostitution & the Sex Trade : Copenhagen
    What are the consequences – financially, emotionally, and socially – of prostitution and sex work? Should prostitution and sex work be legal or illegal?Selling sex is legal in Denmark and across Euro… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Medical Practice & Policy : Copenhagen
    Do you wish to work in the medical field one day and want insight into which career opportunities await you alongside intercultural knowledge of different practices and policies between the U.S. and … Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Psychology : Stockholm
    From crime, to well-being, to our relationship with food, psychology explores diverse aspects of the human condition.While our three Core Courses approach very different areas of psychology, all will… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Innovation & Entrepreneurship : Copenhagen
    Gain the tools and skills required to succeed as an entrepreneur and apply them to your own innovative ideas with advice and feedback from experienced mentors.Innovate in real-world entrepreneurial s… Study Abroad
  • DIS Stockholm - Neuroscience : Stockholm
    How do we understand the interplay between human emotions and neural networks?As humans, emotions are intrinsic to our socialization, and influence our cognition and behavior. Study and research the … Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Architecture & Design : Copenhagen
    In Scandinavia, the built environment considers people, community, and well-being.Engage in explorations of Danish and Scandinavian design philosophies, combining strong traditions with the contempor… Study Abroad
  • DIS Copenhagen - Furniture Design : Copenhagen
    Scandinavian furniture has a deep history of considering people, culture, and society in the design process.This course explores these relationships and develops your individual design capabilities t… Study Abroad