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Study Abroad Programs

  • Argentina: Transnationalism and Comparative Development in South America
    Please visit our website for more information. In this comparative study abroad program based in Buenos Aires, you will rapidly improve your Spanish while exploring the current economic and social… Study Abroad
  • Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender
    The program examines the intersections of gender and sexuality with race, class, and religion, and highlights the experiences of the growing number of postcolonial and post-migration subjects living … Study Abroad
  • Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care - Spring Term 2
    This program will strengthen your ability to understand, interpret, and compare the socio-cultural, ecological, economic, political, and biological factors that affect human health. From North Americ… Study Abroad
  • BCA Tetouan, Morocco [Summer]
    WHY TETOUAN• Experience Moroccan hospitality firsthand and live in the friendly and picturesque city of Tetouan. With a small, coastal feel and cultural hot spots, the welcoming city offers many trea… Study Abroad
  • BCA Strasbourg, France
    WHY BCA STRASBOURG• Challenge yourself to strengthen your French language skills by enrolling at a university in northeastern France with fewer study abroad students than you will find in larger citi… Study Abroad
  • Indonesia: Community Nature Conservation in Bali
    Please visit our website for more information. Explore the chal­lenges of nature conservation in one of the world’s most biodiverse and heavily populated countries: Indonesia. From a base on the b… Study Abroad
  • China: Health, Environment, and Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Study pressing health and environmental issues this major world power confronts today and how these factors shape and sustain Chinese society and indigenous knowledge systems in Yunnan Province and o… Study Abroad
  • Madagascar: Traditional Medicine and Healthcare Systems
    Please visit our website for more information. In this program, students learn firsthand about forms of treatment, methods of diagnosis, questions of access, and the education and training of heal… Study Abroad
  • Kenya: Urbanization, Health, and Human Rights
    This program examines health and human rights in Kenya through a complex constellation of urban issues including housing, urban infrastructures, land tenure, informal settlements, food (in)security i… Study Abroad
  • Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media
    This program provides you with an exciting opportunity to learn foreign reporting under the supervision of award-winning foreign correspondents and photojournalists. In partnership with journalists a… Study Abroad
  • Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management
    This program offers classroom and field-based instruction in natural and social scientific methods to encourage students to analyze environmental issues in an array of ecosystems — including rainfore… Study Abroad
  • Ecuador: Development, Politics, and Languages
    Study power and politics in Ecuador, focusing on dominant development paradigms and resistant models that different groups have proposed. This program combines a political and economic focus with an … Study Abroad
  • Switzerland: Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility
    From its base in Nyon and Geneva, this program provides a thorough background in international banking and finance through a social justice lens using an experiential, case study approach. The progra… Study Abroad
  • Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean
    Key Topics of StudyPolitical transformation, transitional justice, and democratization in TunisiaInternational relations and religious integration in the context of Mediterranean mass migrationThe in… Study Abroad
  • Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy
    Examine the evolving nature of multilateral diplomacy in contemporary international relations and discuss intergovernmental, supranational, and regional organizations' strategies for and responses to… Study Abroad
  • Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender
    The program examines the intersections of gender and sexuality with race, class, and religion, and highlights the experiences of the growing number of postcolonial and post-migration subjects living … Study Abroad
  • India: National Identity and the Arts
    Please visit our website for more information On this program, you will develop the skills to analyze the relationship between the arts, religions, and politics shaping cultural and national identit… Study Abroad
  • Gap and First Year Study Abroad
    Every year hundreds of students from around the world are welcomed to the University of Sydney through our Sydney Abroad program. Some come for our academic reputation and our wide range of courses, … Study Abroad
  • Argentina: Social Movements and Human Rights
    Please visit our website for more information. Located in the vibrant capital city of Buenos Aires, this program examines Argentina’s prolific and highly dynamic social movements. The program’s of… Study Abroad
  • AIFS Gap Year Programs: Rome, Italy (Summer) : Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
    Spend the summer in the vibrant and historic city of Rome with AIFS! You’ll earn up to 10 credits through a variety of courses at Richmond, the American International University. Courses are taught i… Study Abroad
  • USAC Korea: Gwangju (Semester/Yearlong, Summer) - Undergraduate Courses : Gwangju, South Korea
    Over its 60-year history, Chonnam National University (CNU) has developed future leaders and professionals, both locally and abroad. Korean “chingu” (friends) mix with foreign students on campus and … Study Abroad
  • Business Administration BA
    This programme is designed for students who are interested in business studies and want to pursue a business career.The programme is conducted in an innovative way, including not only lectures but ca… Study Abroad
  • AIFS Gap Year Programs: Athens, Greece (J-Term)
    Select from an archaeology course, Topography and Monuments of Ancient Athens, a history course, Modern Greece: A Troubled History, or business course, International Business, studying at DEREE - The… Study Abroad
  • API at the Libertas International University in Dubrovnik : Dubrovnik
    Students who choose to study abroad in Dubrovnik with API will take courses at Libertas International University (formerly known as DIU Libertas International University). Libertas is the first priva… Study Abroad
  • King’s College London
    While one of the oldest Universities in England, King’s is truly urban, with four riverside campuses spread along both sides of the Thames. Its large and diverse student body reflects the cosmopolita… Study Abroad