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Study Abroad Programs

  • Urban Design in Barcelona
    Investigate how bottom-up urban design strategies provide a framework for the participation of workers and residents to create an integrated community in Barcelona’s 22@ information activities distri… Study Abroad
  • Intensive Spanish for Healthcare Professionals in Oviedo
    This 4-week intensive Spanish language program teaches standard terminology and incorporates common dialect variants as well as aspects of Latino culture that can impact the patient’s health and inte… Study Abroad
  • Global China Program at East China Normal University
    The 15-week Global China Program offers content courses in English, as well as Chinese language instruction for students at all levels from beginning through advanced. You will have the opportunity t… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Salamanca Summer Session I / Session II
    Salamanca’s fame lies in the prestige of its university and the graceful architecture of the Plaza Mayor and surrounding neighborhoods. The Universidad de Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain an… Study Abroad
  • Sustainable Bicycle Transportation Planning Field School in Europe
    Study bicycle planning, design, policy, and culture as a sustainable and economically viable form of transportation in key urban locations in Western Europe. This program will focus on the practices … Study Abroad
  • Italian Language and Culture in Siena
    Combine the study of Italian language (for absolute beginners to advanced) with courses in fields including anthropology, art history, communications, economics, food and culture, history and politic… Study Abroad
  • Spanish Language and Society in Rosario
    Rapidly improve your Spanish while exploring life and culture in Rosario, Argentina. Five-week intensive Spanish language programs are offered in two summer sessions. Each session is designed for beg… Study Abroad
  • Semi -Intensive German Language and Culture in Berlin
    This program is ideal if you are looking to be immersed in German language and culture. You will enroll directly in the Freie Universität Berlin (FUBiS), a leading research institution in Germany. Yo… Study Abroad
  • Cross-Border Interviewing and Story Development in France and Germany
    The interview is intimate, immediate, and can be an entrée to the soul. It’s a critical tool for journalists and is integral to most story development. These courses are designed to improve and profe… Study Abroad
  • Theatre in London
    The London Theatre program is a 9­ week intensive study program offered every other Spring term (odd years).This program is designed specifically for theatre majors, but students from related areas o… Study Abroad
  • Global Health, Development, and Service Learning in Accra
    This program is ideal for students interested in studying global health and development issues in Africa. On this program you will take courses examining health and development in Ghana, as well as c… Study Abroad
  • API Gap Year in Salamanca, Spain : Salamanca
    Spanish Language and Culture ProgramThis program is designed for students who want to improve their Spanish-speaking ability. Beginning level students will focus on grammar and on developing their o… Study Abroad
  • Wine Marketing in Siena
    This program will explore  the wine and tourism industries of Tuscany to illustrate classroom topics in marketing. You will take advantage of experiential learning opportunities offered through compa… Study Abroad
  • German Language and Culture in Berlin
    In this program, you will be immersed in German language and culture. You will directly enroll in FUBiS, the summer program of the Freie Universität of Berlin.  Develop your intercultural communicati… Study Abroad
  • Meiji Architecture Exchange
    Study architecture in Tokyo, Japan at Meiji University, one of the most prominent private institutions in the Japan. Immerse yourself in the dynamic city of Tokyo as you study architecture and urban … Study Abroad
  • Spanish Language and Culture in Segovia
    These six-week summer and semester-long Spanish immersion programs are designed for intermediate and advanced level Spanish language students. All courses are taught in Spanish, making this program i… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Kunming Summer - China & Southest Asian Development
    The IES Abroad Kunming China & Southeast Asian Development Summer Program is designed for students who want to experience contemporary Chinese culture from an economic Chinese and Southeast Asian per… Study Abroad
  • Spanish Immersion in Oviedo
    You will take your core language courses in Spanish (intermediate and advanced levels) through the Curso de Lengua y Cultura Españolas para Extranjeros (ELE) at the University of Oviedo. At ELE you w… Study Abroad
  • Research in Rapa Nui
    In this special study abroad program you will travel to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) for a combined seminar-style intensive course and grand “field trip” to witness the island’s most remarkable archaeolo… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Vienna – Music : Vienna, Austria
    Home to an astounding number of legendary composers—from Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven to Brahms, Mahler, and Schoenberg—Vienna maintains an incredible richness of musical culture to this day. The wor… Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad Vienna Summer - Intensive Music Performance for Vocalists and Collaborative Pianists
    We’d like to let you in on a little secret: Vienna is extraordinary. Quickly—gather your things and study there before more students realize what a hidden gem it is. Consistently rated one of the top… Study Abroad
  • BCA St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago
     WHY BCA ST. AUGUSTINE• Live and study in a place known for its religious tolerance and multiculturalism in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago – often called the “Rainbow Country” in part d… Study Abroad
  • BCA Quito, Ecuador
    WHY BCA QUITO· Develop meaningful connections with indigenous communities during the BCA excursion to the Amazon and learn directly from them about the issues that impact their lives and community, f… Study Abroad
  • Sports & Culture in France : Montpellier
    Montpellier is one of France’s fastest growing cities and an emerging cultural and educational center. Within easy reach of both mountains and the Mediterranean, and home to 100,000 university studen… Study Abroad
  • Test Language Immersion Program
    Test Language Immersion Description Study Abroad